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Our mission is to create an accessible and transparent marketplace for digital collectibles that empowers creators and collectors alike. Our vision is to become the go-to platform for buying, selling, and discovering unique digital assets while fostering a community of passionate collectors and creators. We strive to make it easy for anyone to own and showcase their digital collectibles, and to open up new possibilities for creators to monetize their work. LTL will showcase a curated selection of Photography NFTs from award-winning artists. An NFT auction house and a metaverse gallery will unlock interactivity to boost the collector experience.


Digital art discovery is a problem. Work is spread across several platforms and there are no tools for browsing by style or other attributes. We rely excessively on Twitter and Discord which has put too much emphasis on social engagement.

If an NFT project is NOT trying to improve the lives of creatives it basically lost the plot. NFTs are a unique opportunity to rebuild our creative institutions to better serve artists. We share a common desire to develop innovative services and products that will empower the creative world, as we define the future of photography, photogrammetry, music producers, and web3 filmmakers.

The NFT photography market has become oversaturated, with a glut of artists all vying for attention. We have seen fewer standout collections and creators amid the swell of content. We think there are good quality photographers out there, but it’s harder for people to find them because of how congested it’s gotten. The onus is on artists to create compelling content and stand out from the pack, rather than solely the job of platforms and marketplaces to elevate the cream of the crop.


We are building a curated aggregator we hope can help with this. The portfolio page allows users to see all of the Ethereum-based NFTs in their wallet, and it aims to integrate NFTs into other networks in the future. (Polygon, Arbitrum, Tezos, 🐻⛓ )

Reservoir Market v2 is an open-source marketplace built with Reservoir APIs that enables access to instant liquidity aggregated from the major marketplaces.

We are a community-driven marketplace and aggregator in one. It lets you analyze and purchase many NFTs at once from multiple marketplaces. A common use case that requires buying multiple NFTs in a single transaction is floor-sweeping, which is slang for purchasing numerous of the lowest-priced NFTs from a specific collection.

The app compiles NFT listings from popular markets, as well as allows users to offer their assets natively on our own marketplace. Listing options include floor price, and trait floor price, and in the same flow, you can also list on other marketplaces.

Curated Collections are shown in the order of their one-day trading volume by default, and essential data elements such as floor price, number of owners, and other price and volume indicators are displayed at a glance. It also displays the scarcity of certain NFTs and allows users to view the floor price for specific attributes and make offers on a collection level, or make an offer on very specific traits, and get a clear indication of the current floor prices for these traits.

Value Proposition

  • Instant buy with aggregated liquidity

  • Selling to the highest bid directly from your wallet

  • Listing on all major marketplaces

  • Referrer fees on top of aggregated orders

  • Real-time floor prices per trait

  • Real-time and historical activity

Underlying Magic

We are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in order to drive real-world results. Our team of experts is dedicated to staying ahead of the curve in terms of technology, fine art curation, and the memetic power that drives web3 culture. We want to express a feeling of community where people who love food, wine, art, and tech come together. Resident artist Dimitri Daniloff has bestowed us with his artwork to create the Founders, Artist, and Collector Mint Passes. Art Agent Florance will curate images from iconic artists to join the initiative. The LTL Art Collective needs to be bold, powerful, full of style, and express freedom. This Genesis Series is in a superstate where it constantly fluctuates between art, proof of ownership, access keys, items (physical and digital), and perceived values. The NFTs will unlock digital, physical, and experiential benefits for holders. We think of these NFTs as a piece of art that also acts as the LTL Membership Card.


NFT Sales in 2020 reached almost $100 million, a 30,000% increase from the prior year. The NFT market cap today is around $20 Billion. OpenSea had seven employees at the time and struggled to meet demand. With an average daily fee of $4.2 million, OpenSea generated $27.5 billion in sales for 2021. They get to keep 2.5% of their service fees which total up to hundreds of millions. As they still have a very small team of 70 employees, they are very very profitable. OpenSea is the biggest NFT marketplace with a valuation of $14 billion and raised a $300 million round at a $14 billion valuation. For critics of the present-day NFT market, the round was perhaps more evidence of how overheated things had become. After all, OpenSea last raised at a fraction of its new valuation under a year ago, adding $100 million to its accounts at a $1.5 billion valuation in July. Although our current MVP is close to parity in terms of features of OpenSea & Blur, there's no way we are gonna try to compete with a startup funded with $400M. For a newbie, interacting with Sudoswap is a pain (the same goes for Blur on a different level) and that's why I still believe in Opensea dominance (unfortunately)

NFT MC = 10,000%+ growth in two years

Note: Daily Trading Volumes of Tokens related to the NFTfi space:

  • Apecoin from BAYC/MAYC community: $200 million per day

  • Magic from the Arbitrim ecosystem: $85 million per day

  • Flow: $33M per day

  • SuperRare with its RARE governance token: $12 million per day

  • LooksRare and Golem*: $4 million per day (same MC as OHM)

  • X2Y2: $2 million per day

  • OlympusDAO (as a reference) with $500K -$3M per day

  • 0xmons: Digital collectibles: $750K per day

  • Rarible: $150K per day

  • Art Gobblers Goo: $100K per day

  • Charged Particles & Universe.XYZ: $50K per day each

  • NFTX as low as $15K per day

  • KlimaDAO: $7000 per day

NFT projects with Daily Trading Volumes > 330 ETH ($500K)

  • CryptoPunks: 789 ETH

  • Sewer Pass: 595 ETH

  • BAYC: 414 ETH (MAYC: 257)

  • Otherdeed: 360 ETH

Competitor Analysis

The two largest marketplaces in terms of volume are OpenSea and Blur, with each approximately 6 billion in yearly volume. However, it's worth noting that OpenSea has significantly more daily active wallets, with 55,000 compared to Blur's 10,000. In terms of fees earned, Looksrare and ENS are the only marketplaces earning over 1 million last month. Given that we have not yet received any funding, it is more realistic to consider SuperRare and Foundation as our main competitors. Both of these marketplaces earned around half a million in fees last month. We have all seen how projects like LooksRare, Blur, and X2Y2 have managed to take a solid slice of market share with token incentives, often by offering (unsustainable) yield farming. Tokens can be a powerful fuel for adoption. Tokens can help overcome the cold start problem and turn users into owners and evangelists.

A marketplace is where you buy & sell, not where you experience your NFTs. A “Metaverse Art Gallery” is the ultimate UX and so it's only logical that we're building a custom one with Dimitri. You want the Art Gallery Experience. Not another eBay / Amazon for NFTs. Not a web2 marketplace like OpenSea.

Note: Monthly Fees in the NFTfi space:

  • Opensea: $46M

  • Blur: $2.2M

  • LooksRare: $2M

  • X2Y2: $750K

  • Art Gobblers: $650K

  • Foundation: $524K

  • SuperRare: $500K

  • SudoSwap: $330K

  • NFTx: $100K

  • NFTfi: $40K

  • Rarible: $10K

  • Zora: $2K

Sources: TokenTerminal/Dappradar/etc

Business Model

Our business model is designed to be transparent and fair for all parties involved. We generate revenue through a combination of market fees, sales fees, and royalties. For primary sales, we charge a 15% sales fee on the total transaction value. In addition, we also charge a 2% market fee on all transactions that take place on our platform. To support the ongoing success and growth of the platform, we also collect a 2% royalty fee on all secondary sales of NFTs originally sold on our marketplace. In addition, we plan to offer premium services and other ways for creators and collectors to monetize their NFTs.

The LTL FlyWheel: Iconic Curators => More Artists => Greater Selection => More Collectors => Exclusive Mints => More Rewards =>

Financial Projections

The current burn rate is zero dollars as we have been bootstrapping the development of the MVP for the past 9 months. We are constantly evaluating our financials and making adjustments as needed to ensure we are on track to reach our goals. Additionally, we are actively seeking funding to support our growth and accelerate our path to profitability.

  • We anticipate reaching profitability within the next 18 months.

  • The main goal is to polish the MVP, get to PMF and execute our GTM.

GTM Strategy

  • Identify the type of people who are likely to buy and sell NFTs on our marketplace. Understanding the demographics, interests, and pain points of our target audience will help us tailor our messaging and marketing efforts.

  • Clearly communicate the unique value proposition of your marketplace to potential users. This could include things like a user-friendly interface, curated collections of NFTs to choose from, and a strong community of iconic artists and award-winning creators.

  • Develop a memorable brand identity for our marketplace that resonates with our target audience and sets us apart from other NFT marketplaces.

  • Create educational and informative content that appeals to our target audience and positions our marketplace as a thought leader in the NFT space. This could include blog posts, videos, webinars, and social media campaigns.

  • Utilize social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Discord to build a community around our marketplace.

  • Encourage current users to refer friends to our marketplace by offering incentives such as discounts or credits.

  • Optimize our app and content for search engines to increase visibility and attract organic traffic.

  • Continuously monitor the performance of our GTM strategy and make adjustments as needed to improve results.


Our development team includes a hackathon-winning developer with a proven track record of delivering clean AF code & design. In addition, we have also partnered with award-winning artists and an iconic art curator who bring a wealth of creative talent and knowledge to the table. The founders have a deep understanding of the NFT market and are dedicated to curating a high-quality selection of NFTs.


  • $500K on a $5M valuation

  • The goal of this round is primarily to provide upside to people who can help LTL/GVO

  • We want to align our incentives with smart and influential players in the web3 space.

Use of Funds

  • Full-time web3 dev

  • Full-time UI/UX dev

  • Bizdev extraordinaire

  • Chief Vibes Officer*

* Something of a cross between a marketer, influencer, and investor relations officer, tasked with promoting NFT projects to newcomers while reassuring existing funders. The goal? To keep things positive, no matter what. Along with managing the Vibes Twitter and Discord, he also handles “collector relations” and is the “internal ‘vibe checker’ for events and content.



LiveTheLifeTV is a community-driven marketplace and aggregator for buying, selling, and discovering unique digital assets. The platform aims to solve the problem of digital art discovery by providing users with a curated aggregator and tools for browsing by style or other attributes. The company's business model is designed to be transparent and fair for all parties involved, generating revenue through a combination of market fees, sales fees, and royalties. The current burn rate is zero dollars as the development of the MVP has been bootstrapped with founder funds for the past 9 months. LTL is actively seeking funding to support growth and accelerate the path to profitability. The main goal is to polish the MVP, reach product-market fit, and execute a go-to-market strategy to identify target users likely to buy and sell photography NFTs on the marketplace. The team anticipates reaching profitability within the next 18 months.

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