LTL Art Collective

Smart Summary

SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time Bound)
These workstreams are a lightweight permissions layer around a Gnosis Safe multi-sig wallet. Access to a workstream is authorized through the Founders Pass.
  • Design first Hoodie Paris Event
  • Decide on MintPass Art
  • Review the latest UI Iterations ( mobile friendly !), add feedback
  • Feature the 3 LTL Mint Passes on the homepage
  • Design DDA Merch
  • Brainstorm Roy (Sprints/Budget/TechStack)
  • Create Test Contract for Free Mint (BAYC style)
  • Create Test Serum Style (1155) contract
  • Test Burn Serum NFTs and mint MAYC style
  • Rainbow Wallet + custom RPC url (infura)
  • Add custom IPFS provider (Bundler / Arweave)
  • TW ERC20 Contract For NFT Staking (+ DAOhaus)
  • Deploy Stake / Claim pages on Mint App (Yves)
  • Payments, fraud detection & the checkout UX (docs)
  • Setup SnapShot GVO33.ETH (DAOhaus)
  • Start Weekly Governance Meeting
  • Finetune Twitter: name, description, ....., which account for LiveTheLife Platform ?
  • Create an NFT Guide for Beginners ( Esteve )
  • Create a Custom Gallery in Spatial for every new Collection
  • Create Terms of Use and Privacy Policy
  • Deploy of GVO Mint Pass DAO (DAOhaus)
  • Onchain Vibes Delaware LLC with Gnosis MS for development (Kat)
  • Incorporate as a Delaware C (Fairmint/DD/Yves)
  • Setup Fairmint
  • IVOs: Initial Vibe Offerings ($VIBES) (DAOhaus)
  • Partnership Klima as in about page ?
  • Decide on partner for Merch
  • Decide on partner for Prints
  • Decide on partner for Screens
  • Order Samples (LTL Collection) (Kat)
  • 3rd Meeting with Art Link (DDA) (Yves)
  • Update Ghost website
  • Complete FAQ with the Dyno Bot (Kat)
  • Update content on Mirror and Medium (Yves)
  • Twitter Spaces + Podcast Series (RiverSide)
  • Increase marketing + media content creation (Esteve)
  • Increase Metaverse integration (Spatial/Oncyber)
  • GVO Collectors Club - Beta Testing (
  • Final Free Mint Page for Odyssey Genesis (Yves/DD)
  • Update Discord with area Artists / Collectors / Pass Owners
  • Update Discord Channel Access with
  • Setup snapshot & boardroom
  • Setup Kampsite Feedback Page
  • Planning + Presentation for CC #001 (Yves/Kat)
  • Update DEWORK bounties based on Workstreams