NFT Staking
Design standups run every week on Discord, and are timeboxed to 15 minutes.
It's always good to keep a record of who attended meetings, who was facilitating the meeting, and who was designated as the lucky person to take notes.
Staking is the most overrated utility in NFT’s. ZERO impact on floor price. Really all it does is artificially reduce supply. Supply is only half of the puzzle. Demand needs to be driven as well. The space will be in a lot better place when staking isn’t a desired mechanic. That being said, yes we will experiment with it, for the sake of the experiment, the learning curve, but please never participate to our free mint with staking rewards because you think it will drive up price or be part of the utility. We know you know, but just wanted to emphasize this just in case you got excited about this page. Peace Out.
GitHub - thirdweb-example/nft-staking-app: An NFT Staking contract deployed using thirdweb deploy, where users stake their ERC721 tokens and earn ERC20 tokens in return!
GitHub - GoodVibesOhmly/nextjs-nft-mint-dapp: A simple, fast, and modern dApp for minting NFTs

GVO Season Zero

These Figma Designs by KD were made to reskin our Mint Page from 2021 that Roy deployed on Fleek, we struggled with updating the frontend designs, and in 2022 we plan to take up the challenge to ship this project as an experimental dapp with Defi mechanics powered by OP.
GitHub - GoodVibesOhmly/nftstaking: Stake your ERC721 NFTs and issue ERC20 Tokens as Rewards!
GitHub - GoodVibesOhmly/ERC721-Staking: Stake ERC721 Tokens to claim ERC20 Tokens
GitHub - GoodVibesOhmly/GVO_NFT_YIELD_MINT: Idea: Mint NFTs that give you a partial / full refund by depositing your investment in different DeFi yield generating vaults.
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