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The most important theme of 2023 is going to be composability. The next generation of apps is going to leverage a multitude of composable crypto primitives to deliver experiences that were not possible before.

We live in a multi-polar world. We will never go back to a unipolar world. And that means that bridging is going to be extremely important. In addition to the LayerZero protocol, the LayerZero team is launching a cross-chain bridge called Stargate that is built on the LayerZero protocol. A simple mental model of Stargate is a cross-chain, stable swap DEX, similar to Curve or Saber. If a user wants to move USDC from Arbitrum to Optimism or from Polygon to Aurora (Near), now they can just use Stargate. While Stargate is the flagship app built on the LayerZero protocol, we expect the LayerZero protocol to power all kinds of new workflows. Because LayerZero is a generalized message-relaying service, it can be used for almost anything. Some examples:

  1. Vote for governance proposals on Chain A using assets that are on Chain B without moving the assets back to Chain A

  2. Use collateral on Chain A to take out a loan on Chain B

  3. Use collateral on Chain A to collateralize a derivatives position on Chain B

  4. Apply a mutation to an NFT on Chain A based on an on-chain action on Chain B

LayerZero is live today on most major EVM chains: Ethereum Layer 1, Optimism, Arbitrum, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, and BNB Chain. Additionally, LayerZero will be launching support for Celo, Aurora (Near), Solana, and Cosmos. In a perfect world, LZ will be adopted by TW.

TW Cross-Chain Testing

Newest Contracts Goerli Kat

  • LTL Marketplace ( V2.0.0): 0xB918e3f4e9995E744FA542832Fb5A3e846ecdb75

  • LTL Guest Pass - NFT Drop ( V4.0.6): 0x7434ec4b1FC3966fA876EEbD76bAb64bDa4e1488

  • LTL Guest Pass - Edition Drop ( V4.0.6): 0x2aDf297aE7B5931aaE1aB03d66095479B49362A0

Degen Contracts Goerli

  • DogAuction: 0x6050B45aEA30E48dbc3493642eD04EbA28396615

  • BidTokens (Degen/GVO): 0x0A579769f22E70AC29be18cD84f3cD22c1D6f710

Recent Contracts Goerli

  • Edition Drop: 0xd2f0AF65C10B4e4c081db91aBCf67de5B51d78Bc

  • NFT Collection: 0x89048434784D0278C98F2fB903C04a4C4573c2B2

  • NFT Drop: 0x5c30FBF1e294b76f27FdcAA4F5A21379d4A8D442

  • NFT Drop: 0x77F5D30Ee23D85eDa80c82cd3EA9161B15FFc8Bd

  • Pack 1155: 0x78E52eb2D029a0c4CBf1C7824235B29d546a5bd5

  • Evolve: 0x96B5DdcdB512C51e82dd0488846aE1FCC793984a

  • Dynamic Mint: 0xB26471F50Ff34AC8877c2c03E7670051607D8CD0

  • Dynamic Free Mint: 0x6Aba324f29e405cef5976AF16f5296E7F75f2A3c

  • Signature Drop: 0x60d68AC96941fa30Ec3A4FB10d677C8351939319

  • NFT Auction: 0x60eA5b74F6303F58A417617a7518c27b7933E44A

  • Genesis Passport: 0x48F97bEd386E31d3Efcb52C0B6C4065B50f45E91

  • MDDA: 0xf024f358f8B2bD56F4A2f7e168B7F720EFf943F0

  • Good: 0x5ad5cBe0BD50652Fbc75312739C01D9bd097800C

  • Vibes: 0x84935d288745A6a746CBfC69734471fe1FFCA52D

  • NFT Stake: 0x380038312D6b41eF86522a4b12cEC46360DD6152

  • Unlocked: 0x8C1669465E04124d7579f7c7A2E3fE8a8D3dc7ba

  • Onchain NFTs: 0xa4D82Da661e4929AF2595eDb508ABd9CD93c041c

  • Custom: 0x9f3612Cb6c5245d09846ea12DC4d0F63D599FB14

Genesis Test Contracts Goerli

  • ERC 721A sleep elevations: 0x764261bdE25B4390e3366174b65FAE6c2fC2c420

  • ERC 721A porcelaine: 0xBB2F2415377ACF8F25cd920Aa7C62E75e106a171

  • ERC 721A ombree: 0xf0Fe514D47C1788fFcc115b839d3D1b014404BE7

  • ERC 721A DD studio: 0x4589AE9d519f85B408bE40A4cb2E5B910a8AAaD4

  • ERC 721A Degen Vibes: 0xdBBC351370C468946f657F99559f8ED422b5E32c

  • ERC 721A SD 721a: 0x9CB1c5cd0228b81564c29e063e3ebDBB9391B675

  • ERC 721A SD 001: 0x8dd42974710fC3Fe052F2aFc4E2d2966Fd51bF68

  • ERC 721A SD DDA: 0x3C9A5EeB4D7126D759B64B9129C23012CF802313

  • ERC 721 BAYC: 0xF7444908e808BbB96Ff1df10B093A3c2BBc3ff64

  • ERC 721 MAYC: 0xf76afb63f9A808cF6A0F05Ea888C014e89d82F0C

  • ERC 721 MultiWrap: 0x3a203C5077105AFCE61a680be9f5617ff3A99c6a

  • ERC 721: 0x9e757C49E0d9DE0545BE70e62504c559197fC828 (NFT collection dda)

  • ERC 1155 Edition DDA: 0x35BA2C6bC5604DeD4fb58744D510BC52c1234549

  • ERC 1155 Edition DDA: 0x0460ba63392248C0c193DA42764723Ae22D00a3D (ED)

  • ERC 1155 Founders Mint Pass: 0xc4688eFb630Ba864BaBd228BC51636E6294FF82D

  • ERC 1155 contract: 0xd6aC136fC352eB4EF372095CC9fe9ED7dfEdF504 (SERUM)

  • ERC 1155 gift box: 0xAC0BC577e8404C69b73ccc8A20944B60e806DcDC

  • ERC 20 contract: 0x017BB0aA8B46E49E7262098cAcBF70bBa5830fdf (BRRY)

  • ERC 20 contract: 0x2C74870a7834eE3a379adc02aDe7C417339BEbE4 (STREAM)

  • ERC 20: 0x6b639801fBCf15D0360a5119eCC6a0955cE29D82 (DDA)

  • ERC 20 Drop: 0x0200D47B398c1f1f6F271dCa6e0177969e93Dc0b (GVO token drop)

  • Marketplace Goerli: 0x134b8DC7b482CC5e955Ed17a2d6C0b0A8B433f83

  • Marketplace Goerli: 0x2B5A8b28a83a0704193F29214559Ec227c498098

  • Marketplace Goerli: 0x2afEd66314B331496a6F5fC87b54b7e34f1a2428 (ms)

  • Token Splitter contract: 0xBDFa1293A2f3094541519e67E423672C0948f27B

  • Community Stream contract: 0x176675537b4C15dB62C47a3f8fF5b80e10bAD5A2

  • Founders Mint Pass: 0x272991224665Dc0F905e525ce0e2e1E4BA108B71 (ED)

  • Artist Mint Pass: 0x4C390E37031c2AB8f5F036E21f1D19f0794415E3 (ED)

  • Collector Mint Pass: 0xB323669aFD9094189893cBFB535E2837abDb58f1 (ED)

  • DAO contract: 0xbab92A7a55862F1D560E76ECd551D70A3836D983 (daohaus)

  • ERC 721 LTL: 0xC6df08861906474726D26C0552deA6ac08596Be5 (eth)

Test Contracts Mumbai

  • Marketplace V3: 0x9B6Cc9FF24705959F697E720AADd010CDff20e3c

  • DogAuctionHouse: 0x442D8AAf681c3bc3129efB45f871e6e61Bdf46A6

  • MAYC style: 0x6CeB443920555e37E7C421B5849f0608A71A8Af2

  • Serum style: 0xfAeB16aDDd8cc685fcc9AD1cA5402b1530Fe2338

  • BAYC style: 0x9933450660986714356a031A0a424480d4527D82


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