Shaped by Photography

Curated drops with fine art photography. One Collections Released / month

LiveTheLifeTV is a web3 media company. We are shaping our brand through storytelling, experiences, and community. Our MVP is a photography and photogrammetry-centric NFT platform with a curated collection from award-winning artists. To stay true to our vision, we're shipping an NFT metaverse gallery that will showcase a highly curated selection of NFTs minted on custom creator contracts.

With all of the recent conversation around marketplaces and creator royalties, we’re very excited to announce that we have expanded the secondary marketplace functionality on the LTL website to now include native listings/delistings, with creator royalties always baked in.

As of today's release, in addition to supporting a purchase flow for aggregated listings across other marketplaces, LTL collectors may directly list and delist their pieces for purchase on the LTL site.

At LTL, we believe strongly that creator royalties are a meaningful cultural pillar of patronage and that they create a more closely aligned outlook for artists and collectors alike. With this outlook, it is important to us to offer an experience to collectors and artists alike to be able to participate in this relationship in a positive-sum way and this product update is an additional step in that direction for our team.

By using Reservoir as our aggregation layer, all aggregated listings that do not already include creator royalties will be royalty-normalized to properly include them, so you know as a buyer that if you're shopping on the LTL website you are always supporting creators.

With this functionality, there is no additional marketplace fee being added on top, so the LTL website experience should be the lowest fee option that still fully supports both the artist and platform components of creator royalties.

A security note: these orders will originate using the same underlying order matching engine that Seaport provides, meaning that if you've already given approval to Seaport for other marketplaces (e.g. OpenSea, or Sansa) you will not need to grant additional approvals.

We acknowledge that there are many areas we can go as we continue to expand this functionality and are excited for feedback from our community of artists and collectors as we continue to iterate!

The most important thing a creator can do is listen to and learn from the community and the market. We have been watching carefully and felt that given the current climate and state of the market, the most exciting way to grow our community organically will be through a free mint. Our priority is to get some beautiful works of art into the hands and wallets of our community so it can be appreciated by everyone the same way we have been appreciating it! We have some plans down the road that involves a Founders Mint Pass, but this will be completely optional and will not hinder your enjoyment of our community if you choose not to participate.

The Founders Mint Pass is in a superstate where it constantly fluctuates between art, proof of ownership, access keys, items (physical and digital), and perceived values. It’s ok to collect NFTs for different reasons, whether it’s the art, the money, the tech, or the membership. The Founders Mint Pass will unlock digital, physical, and experiential benefits for holders. We think of these NFTs as a piece of art that also acts as a Proof Of Membership. The Mint Pass is your ticket to all future artist releases, a collection that includes icons from the photography world as well as hand-picked up and comers. What makes NFTs truly interesting is not the speculative nature of these assets, but the ability to create derivative works off of these assets, ie, they become productive art collections.

We are currently taking applications for the first batch of members to offer early access to our NFT-based membership mint pass, and monthly drops. Every NFT project has several stakeholders including founders, artists, and collectors; so it is vital to have transparent tools and processes in place to distribute value among them. Let's explore a few scenarios for this:

  • ERC-20 stream to all the mint pass owners based on the number of NFTs they hold.

  • Sharing royalties from secondary sales between founders, artists, and collectors.

  • Distributing rewards from NFT primary sales to founders, artists, and collectors.

LTL is an on-chain auction platform dedicated to exceptional NFT art. Whether you’re new to NFTs or already a committed member of the community, discover and bid on exclusive drops, curated by LiveTheLifeTV. The inaugural sale is a highly curated auction of 10 new NFT collections by celebrated photographers, created & minted specifically to launch LiveTheLifeTV. The auction of genesis collection by Dimitri Daniloff will be open for mint by December. You will need to own either a Founder, Artist, or Collector Mint Pass. A Smart Button to add your wallet to the allowlist for the Mint Pass Series is available on the new LiveTheLifeTV homepage. Next season, we celebrate and present 5 emerging artists. LiveTheLifeTV deepens our ability to connect photography collectors via a sophisticated and secure blockchain-native platform for sales. LiveTheLifeTV allows for auctions to be carried out on the Ethereum blockchain.

The LTL Art Collective is a series of glorious prints depicting carefully composed images. This collection allows you to delay receipt of the physical print until up to 2025. Redemption of the NFT Receipt for the physical artwork will be possible from around 2023. These are utility NFTs provided by LTL which serve the specific purpose of delaying receipt of the physical and enabling ease of trading. There are no additional perks associated with this type of NFT.

Within six months, every major NFT collection will host its own vertical marketplace. We'll provide collectors with a curated experience vs asking them to shop wholesale. This allows us to customize the user journey, improve retention, increase margins, minimize exploits, and decide royalties. The mental struggle of NFT marketplace teams: Do you want to build for creatives to make an impact on the world, or do you want to build for speculators to make a big business? Built marketplaces: CryptoPunks, Admit 1, Forgotten Runes, ... Building marketplaces: Yuga RTFKT, etc ... Inevitable Marketplaces: Art Blocks, Proof, Azuki, Doodles, ... The future is 1000s of marketplaces, with bespoke experiences that reward loyalty and reinforce brand DNA. Similar to how we can buy products from aggregators like Amazon or directly from Shopify storefronts.

Founders Mint Pass / FAQ

What is the Founders Mint Pass?

LiveTheLifeTV is a curatorial platform and community that helps bring incredible works of photography to discerning collectors. The Founders Mint Pass acts as an access card to our community of digital artists and collectors as well as its exclusive events, including art and cultural trips, private auctions, gallery openings, and artist dinners. It unlocks priority mints from our roster of iconic and emerging artists! NFT is the product. The Metaverse is the digital customer experience. Visit our art studio.

What is the utility of the Founders Mint Pass?

Over the last years, we have seen plenty of roadmap and airdrop hype cycles. Fine Art NFTs don’t rely on this. Art is the utility. Sure, we have experimental ideas, and yes we are sharing what we have in mind, just don't buy into this project because of a TBD roadmap.

  • Holders of The Founders Mint Pass NFTs have allowlist access to all our drops.

  • Free gift of our upcoming limited edition LiveTheLifeTV Merch & Print Collection.

  • Access to Founders Mint Pass raffle giveaways on the LiveTheLifeTV Discord.

  • Access to Collectors Club Discord channel only for Founders Mint Pass owners.

  • Discount at all current, future, and affiliate LiveTheLifeTV co-work locations

  • Access to exclusive experiences, one example is our photogrammetry workshop.

Are there other benefits to the Founders Mint Pass?

The discovery process right now is mostly happening on Twitter, where we'll see a new project, and people we trust interacting or also getting into that project, and then all of a sudden that's a signal for us to spend more time there. Or it's a DAO we're part of, or that we follow closely, like FlamingoDAO for example, where you hear about some new and upcoming project. We will filter out the noise and give insights into projects that are interesting based on tools like Nansen, Moby, or Context to figure out what's next.

What is the total supply?

A gentle reminder - there will be only 1,000 Founders Mint Passes issued.

What is the mint price?

The mint price has not been set yet. Follow @livethelifetv on Twitter for updates.

How do I get a Founders Mint Pass?

Our public sale raffle is open at The drop schedule and mint date will be posted soon. The Mint Pass will be available on LiveTheLife.TV after the public sale ends.

What is the purpose of using PREMINT?

It is an NFT allowlist tool to collect wallet addresses to use for presale lists and giveaways. PREMINT is a way to connect with our collectors in three phases.

Allowlist. This is a wallet list with the exact same quantity as the available NFT supply. Each wallet can mint 1 NFT. They can show up ANY TIME in this mint window (TBD around 3 to 24 hours) and they are GUARANTEED a mint.

Waitlist. This is a wallet list that is allowed to mint during a second window (usually 2-6 hours). We put everyone who registered on this list.

Public. Any wallet can mint during this time

PREMINT released a feature that will make our mint successful without pissing off our community or causing people to lose a lot of money on wasted gas. It’s a simple solution and has been proven to be successful by drops like Moonbirds, VeeFriends, etc

We’d recommend adding a burner minting wallet that’s okay to connect to mint sites

What is the Allow List breakdown?

The 1000 slots available for the Allowlist can be broken down as listed below.

  • 200 slots for CoFounders and Partnerships.

  • 400 slots for the Odyssey Genesis Collectors.

  • 400 slots for our Community Members.

What are the secondary market royalties?

The royalties for secondary sales are aligned with market best practices, at 10%.

What are the funds being used for?

The funds will be used to pay for our operational expenses and for our upcoming projects.

Who is on the team?

You can see the LiveTheLifeTV team members by visiting our Dream Team page.

Where can I talk with the founders?

A good place to start is the LiveTheLifeTV Discord, but tbh we prefer to do our voice calls in the Dimitri Daniloff Archives Art Gallery. You are welcome to join us in the LTL HQ, located in New Caledonia. It's known for its palm-lined beaches and marine-life-rich lagoon, which is among the world's largest. A massive barrier reef surrounds the main island, Grand Terre, a major surf and kite-surfing destination. Nouméa is home to French-influenced restaurants and luxury boutiques selling Parisian fashions. #LiveTheLife

Where can I provide some feedback?

You can add suggestions here, and help us make the FMP everything you want it to be.

When mint?

When the market recovers a bit, that's when.

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