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the future of culture and community NFTs ⌐○-○

A good analogy for LiveTheLifeTV is that we don't see ourselves as a marketplace, but rather as an art gallery, with a gated (GVO Mint Pass) auction house, with a single focus on photography-based NFTs, zooming in on the photogrammetry niche we pioneered. We will feature NFTs on one of our fav marketplaces, Odyssey Curated by Beramarket. The dot TV brand has always been a mindfuck, especially in the "Millenium Era" when we moved away from pure webTV streaming services, into a travel and real estate guide (with WebTV content). Rebranding is always a big shift, the GVO baseline adds another point of confusion, while it's simply replacing our old tag line "one life, live it" with Good Vibes Ohmly (GVO). So what about the DDA brand? Well, the DDA collection is some of the best work of Dimitri Daniloff, licensed under the LiveTheLifeTV company. The main product offering is the GVO Mint Pass that is needed to access the collections. All the Odyssey Genesis holders are on the snapshot and will enjoy lifetime early access.

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